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Rapid Prototyping
3D printing machine

Rapid Prototyping Services . . .

Over the past 25 plus years, Elastomer Specialties has been helping customers design new parts or improve their current ones with our rapid prototyping capabilities.

If you need help in choosing the right material for your specific application or you are looking to develop and create a new product, we can help.

Our many years of experience in helping people develop new solutions for an application that can reduce their costs and improve production is but one of the many things we have to offer.

ESI's new industrial 3D printer technology allows us to produce small parts or molds for our customers. This technique will give them a better idea of what the actual part or product will look like once finished.

ESI's Prototyping Services Include the Following . . .

close-up of 3D printer chamber

What you need to get started . . .

In order to speed up the process you should have, if possible, the following information:

Quantity . . .

At ESI, we specialize in high production volume of parts, however, we can also produce 'one-offs' or small production runs of quantities of 25 or more depending on the product. As with everything in the manufacturing industry, small orders will obviously cost more than volume orders. We will work with all of our customers and try to give them the best price possible.

The mold in the first picture below was printed in a 3D printer. The V roller core was stationed in the center and the mold was closed around it. Polyurethane was poured into the mold. After it set up, the mold was opened and the V roller was trimmed.

small part inside of 3D printer chamber small part inside of 3D printer chamber small part inside of 3D printer chamber small part inside of 3D printer chamber

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