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What is Turnkey Manufacturing?

Turnkey Manufacturing

Fortus-900MC printing machine In todays highly competitive, manufacturing industry, the demand to constantly improve performance and product delivery time has never been higher. What exactly is Turnkey Manufacturing anyway? A simple definition is the following:

Turnkey is a service or product that has been designed and built to be ready for use or to be installed. A turnkey manufacturer is a company that has the ability, expertise and technology to take your product and/or project from inception straight through each stage of production, including R&D, design/development, testing and completion.

A true turnkey manufacturer has no need to out-source any phase of product production. Every phase is done completely in-house. This saves the customer both time and money. casting video

Since 1979, ESI has built a premium turnkey manufacturing facility. Today ESI has over 65,000 SF of production area along with a state-of-the-art machine shop, 3-D printing, high and low volume urethane molding and sophisticated soft and hard mold production.

When using a turnkey manufacturer like Elastomer Specialties, you automatically eliminate the hassle of communicating with various companies in the different stages of product development.

A good experienced turnkey manufacturer can and will provide you all the services needed to produce your product or part on time every time without out-sourcing.

At Elastomer Specialties, Inc., our company will provide you with the following services: casting video casting video
  • Design and development support
  • R&D Process
  • Mold manufacturing
  • CAD Drawings
  • 3-D printing of prototypes if required
  • Part or product production - functional testing
  • Assembly
  • Packaging and shipping services
  • casting video casting video
  • Scheduling deliveries

If you are looking for the best, then the next best just won't do.
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